Transport And Deploy

Clients worldwide come to IntegraSV for expertise that meets and exceeds their expectations like the Multi-purpose Tactical Unit, a unique custom design with the highest levels of quality construction.


The Cinetransformer Mobile Tactical Units are totally self contained and capable of being off-the-grid for up to 20 days with its own power and water supply. These state-of-the-art vehicles are equipped with dormitories, showers, restroom, kitchen and working areas to perform a wide array of tasks.

  Disaster Relief

  Emergency Response

  High-Level Training

  Mobile Command Center

Our signature expandable trailers have been designed, engineered and built based on touring and field event experiences, allowing the company to constantly improve the use and functionality of its products.

Exterior Mobile Command Center;Disaster Relief Unit

Interior Restrooms With Showers;Workstation Area;Fully Equipped Kitchen

Customizable Solutions

Our mobile tactical vehicles are ideal for temporary or long term operations in remote places with limited or no utility access.

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Double expandable trailer

Military grade truck body

6-Wheel traction

Fully air conditioned

Winch system

Built-in power and water supply

15 Minute set-up time