What is a 4D Cinema and Mobile Cinema?

This is 4D Cinema

  1. A state of the art mobile 4D solution
  2. X-4D Attraction motion seats
  3. Front air blast, water spray, leg ticklers, neck ticklers
  4. Audio transducers
  5. 91 Seat stadium configuration
  6. Provides 4D capabilities
  7. Digital cinema projection with DCI compliance
  8. 5.1 Dolby sound
  9. On board concession and restrooms

The 4D Cinetransformer is a patented 53’ double expandable trailer that transforms in less than an hour into a complete 4D motion mobile cinema. Offering the ultimate experience in 3D projection, the 4D Cinetransformer adds “sensation-generating” special effects to achieve an immersive experience.


42 Motion Seats


Front Air Blast

Front Water Spray

Leg Ticklers

Seat Transducer

Atmospheric Effects

Additional Effects Available